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“Crayon Shin Chan” in HK

Japanese hit Anime “Crayon Shin Chan” has arrived in Hong Kong!

"Yamataka Seafood Market", located at Wan Chai Ferry Pier, is a Japanese style seafood market. It is now full of the characters from “Shin Chan”and various “Shin Chan” themed dishes, they are all Instagrammable and playful!

“Shin Chan” Sashimi Rice Bowl

"Shin Chan" is always the Main.

"Buriburizaemon" Japanese Curry Pork Cutlet

"Buriburizaemon", the talking "heroic" but cowardly funny pig which appears in some episodes about ancient Japan.

“Shiro” Strawberry Pancake

Shin Chan's favourite pet now appears in tasty strawberry pancake!

“Shin Chan” Butt Dance Pudding

Can we call this 3D art?

Hiroshi's favourite beer

Hiroshi is Shin Chan's father and his favourite is beer. You can now drink with him and take away the glass as souvenir!

You can also find different souvenir of "Shin Chan". Also the market is full of other characters and have plenty of photo spots for you!

“Shin Chan” event starts from today until 16th September, 2018. Go say Hi to Shin Chan and his family & friends!

Address: 2/F, Star Ferry Pier, Wan Chai


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