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This is Green House

Yes. We didn't upload the wrong photo. It is "Green House"because it was green back in the days. This building was renovated and reopened as the Comix Home Base in 2013.

Above: Green House before renovation. Source: Wikipedia

This almost 100 year-old building was built in 1920s. It was a typical Cantonese architecture that shops were on the ground floor and first to fourth floors were residential apartments. The house was painted in white recently because that was the original colour when it was constructed.

Now the Comix Home Base is a place with studios for local comics and animation artists, public space for opening different exhibitions etc.

We suggest you to take the elevator to go straight to the 4/F and then take the stairs to walk down.


4/F is a good place for taking photos, such as the bridge, the vintage roof, balcony and doors.

Above: bridge and roof in 4/F


3/F has different rooms for exhibitions or events. Right next to the toilet there is an entrance of timber stairs. They restored it in order to keep the look and feel of how the interior looked like a century ago.

Above: exhibition and restored timber stairs


2/F has a Comix salon which you can read comics from the world for free, especially the local ones. Also next to it there is “Vintage & Vinyl Club” where you can find vintage toys.

Above: Comic Salon, free readings of comics

Below: just part of some Marvel comics

Below: Bruce Lee comics. Wa ja!!!!

Above: Vintage & Vinyl Club. Consider it is a place where you can buy some "souvenir" home.


1/F is a cafe restaurant.

Comix Home Base is a great place where you can experience Hong Kong historical building and local comic culture at the same time. Hit two birds with one stone.

Updated (August, 2018): Contract of Comix Home Base was ended in August. All the exhibitions and displays of it were removed. Visitors can still access the site. 

Address: 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai

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